We provide actionable economic research for businesses, cities, foundations, and non-profits.

The Shifting Economy

Be Prepared With The Best Information Available


Attract new clients and funders

Our research enables you to demonstrate a fuller understanding of your prospect’s opportunities and challenges. This can be the deciding factor between a client selecting your firm or another. Be the firm who understands their situation.


Identify and avoid risks

Through our published reports and our custom research we give you advanced notice of trends in the marketplace that could impact your operations. These can be things like recession indicators, capital tightening, or even upcoming challenges in a specific industry. Use this knowledge plan around these landmines and come out on top.


Increase profitability

Identify and attract more profitable prospects by using our robust industry knowledgebase. Our research is able to pinpoint growing and shrinking industries in the geographies you serve. This lets you expend your resources intelligently by targeting the most highly profitable customer segments.

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